Job Title:Vice President – Mortgage Underwriting and Operations
Referral Reward:$3,000
Salary: $150,000 - $250,000
Type of Job:Full Time
Tags:Vice President Mortgage Underwriting
Job Description:
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About the Job: The Vice President of Mortgage Underwriting and Operations will be responsible for working with management to create a new business platform to design, staff, market, start, and manage the Company’s contract due diligence and underwriting businesses. In addition, this Vice President will be responsible for all aspects of operations in the Company’s representation of mortgage lenders in representation and warranty repurchase demands and mortgage insurance rescissions and denials. As the housing market and overall economy continues to evolve, our focus on helping lenders increase profits and reduce mortgage credit losses has created a need for a leadership role providing contract-underwriting services to clients. As a complement to our current suite of products, we are seeking a dynamic leader to establish and lead a team of contract underwriters performing the following services for clients:  Contract underwriting  Transaction due diligence  Origination quality control / quality assurance The Vice President of Underwriting and Operations will have a wide variety of duties and responsibilities, all of which are likely to evolve as the mortgage industry evolves and as the Company’s evolves to meet client needs. 
Contract Underwriting and Due Diligence 
The duties and responsibilities associated with Contract Underwriting and Due Diligence include:
  • Recruit and build core team of underwriters to fulfill client requirements
  • Establish deep bench of underwriting talent to maximize flexibility of capacity across 
all loan file operations
  • Manage and forecast staffing needs to support steady growth of the services
  • Design and implement work flow processes from intake though underwriting, quality control, due diligence, and delivery of all reporting to clients
  • Monitor and report on productivity, efficiency, and quality of work product
  • Proactively resolve client related issues as needed
  • Complete and deliver work product with highest degree of customer service, quality of work, and innovation
  • Work closely with the division Senior Vice President to develop and implement organization, strategy, and policies
  • Ensure staff complies with all regulatory requirements and with current and pending applicable rules, laws, and regulations. 
The duties and responsibilities associated with Operations include
  • Productivity and efficiency of personnel
  • Staffing, onboarding, training, and retention of personnel
  • Quality of work product generated by personnel
  • Cost control and profitability targets
  • Management of and communication with personnel
  • Documenting, measuring, and reporting on the above items
  • Timeliness and accuracy of Company billing process
  • Requirements:
  • Knowledge of residential mortgage lending, servicing, underwriting, and due diligence
  • Knowledge of contract underwriting and due diligence agreements, state and federal licensing, regulatory compliance, and contract underwriting agreements
  • Ability to manage and lead a diverse base of mortgage underwriters and appraisers through a variety of business conditions and environments
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Demonstrable interpersonal skills
  • The ability to motivate or influence others is a material part of the job, requiring a significant level of diplomacy and trust.
  • Obtaining cooperation internally and or externally is an important part of the job.
  • Coaching others to perform new tasks beyond their current responsibilities and encouraging others to build continuously on their skills will be key to success for this position.
  • 10-15 years in providing contract underwriting services to the mortgage lending industry
  • 5-7 years in management or leadership role within mortgage underwriting
  • 5-7 years operational experience
  • College degree
  • About the Company:
    Our client is a consulting firm dedicated to working exclusively with lender and servicers on mortgage finance related issues. We are recognized as the nation’s foremost expert on mortgage insurance and related products. Created in 2005 by mortgage industry veterans, Our client’s initial focus was to assist lenders in enhancing value and income from their mortgage insurance and captive reinsurance company investments. We were instrumental in creating the first non-prime credit and the first 2nd lien captive reinsurance companies and related transactions. As mortgage originators were faced with increasing repurchase demands, Our client acquired an established platform to help lenders defend their origination practices. We have been innovators in the mortgage arena and are working with most of the large national mortgage originating banks facing an onslaught of representation and warranty repurchase demands, mortgage insurance rescissions, and contract underwriting deficiencies. We also provide a variety of defense and resolution services related to loan origination and servicing legal matters involving pre-litigation, litigation and arbitration disputes. Our client is expanding its services to include due diligence, quality control and contract underwriting.
    Vice President – Mortgage Underwriting and Operations
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    Vice President – Mortgage Underwriting and Operations
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